Ptch - Music Video Creation and Sharing on Your Cell Phone
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 02, 2012

    • Posted by: Jean Lee

    Do you remember the days of actually carrying a camera if you wanted to take photos? Developing film at the local Hannaford -- any New Englanders out there will know -- or Rite Aid? The world before Facebook and effortless, sometimes too effortless, sharing all of the time? If you don't remember the 90s, you probably dont remember any of this.

    Let me tell you, there was a time when cell phone didn't necessarily mean camera phone and procrastinating didnt mean Tumbling.

    Alas, times have changed and are a-changing.

    The most recent mobile app sensation, Instagram, hit the web world like a crazy cat video on steroids. The free photo sharing app allows users to snap a photo, add a filter, and share sepia toned portrait with the whole world through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now, naturally, a new twist on the formula is making grabs for attention. This new app is called "Ptch."

    Ptch is a DreamWorks Animation app that allows users to make on-the-fly music videos using there photos (and photos from others who opened their content).

    Users compile and compose photos and video content from personal collections (camera phone memory) and via multi-media and/or social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.). Its quite simple really -- not as simple as Instagram -- but with a very different end-result than most apps. Drag photos/video, add a caption, select a theme, and choose from licensed musicians and you have a music video. Or, as it will most likely be, a video of your choosing. The music video aspect is an interesting angle but the app sounds like a portable, on-the-go YouTube.

    What do you think? People using your photos for their compilations? Yay/Nay? A new way to share photos (that you could only share on Facebook, Tumblr, etc. before now)?

    I have a feeling this video sharing app is going to spread through the web world like a pixelated wildfire. But the same question -- as with every music-focused app -- lingers: how well will the artist be compensated?

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