5 Non-Headliners To See At Lollapalooza
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 02, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    Lollapalooza (N.): An extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance.

    For all that Lollapalooza is, you'd think it'd be damn near impossible to perfectly describe it. Lucky for you, Perry Farrell -- festival founder and Jane's Addiction frontman -- hit the nail right on the head when he named the three-day music fest. When you get right down to it, Lollapalooza is everything its name promises. Starting tomorrow, in the beautiful city of Chicago, is a gathering of music's greatest acts, young and old, and the fans that worship them.

    While night brings relief from the sun, epic headliners, and some of the coolest sets imaginable, the blistering days (or sometimes, the tail-end of them) bring an opportunity to witness some amazing band's on the rise. Check out Baeble's list of non-headliners you should check out at this year's fest.

    Bloc Party
    Saturday at 7PM, Sony

    They're back! After a four year hiatus, Bloc Party returns with a new album and, if their current tour is any indication, a well-balanced set-list. Not only is the album Four turning out to be a spectacular return, Bloc Party has also focused on keeping their tour balanced featuring tracks from all albums. If you're a long time fan or new comer, now's a great time to get in on the Party. Rumors suggest Four is BP's last album. Better catch them while you can!

    Alabama Shakes
    Saturday at 4:15PM, Bud Light

    Alabama Shakes has given current music fans one of the most unique sounds its ever already heard. Earthy yet sophisticated, emotional yet strong, classic yet fresh to death -- once their single "Hold On" starting gaining momentum, it was hard to stop their infectious sound. This band is incredibly dynamic, they've only released one album and they're already a mainstay of the festival season. Alabama Shakes are a can't-miss act.

    of Monsters And Men
    Sunday at 6PM, Google Play

    By the time day three of Lollapalooza rolls around, festival goers are pretty exhausted. Shoulders are burned, feet ache, and fans are faced with the realization that they probably should have drank more water. Pro tip: always drink more water. Luckily for this year's attendees, Icelandic indie-rockers of Monsters And Men have exactly what you need for the closing stretch. Playing on Sunday at 6PM on the shady Google Play stage, their mesmerizing folk tunes will provide the perfect escape from the three-day heat. To make matters more magical, The Google Play stage is the perfect stage for OMAM. It's slightly more intimate than other Lollapalooza stages and beautifully shaded by surrounding trees. This is a magical concert moment in the making, make sure you're there.

    Twin Shadow
    Saturday at 7:15PM, Google Play

    After watching the narrative-heavy videos from Twin Shadow's singles "Patient" and "Five Seconds," it's clear that frontman George Lewis Jr. is incredibly engaging to watch. For concerts, there are few things that can beat a powerful frontman. With the raw emotional themes in Twin Shadow's music, Lewis Jr. is bound to be magnificent. One of the biggest challenges for Lollapalooza acts is filling the grand stages and open-air. Seeing one man single-handedly fill the air with an enchanting performance is well worth watching.

    Calvin Harris
    Saturday at 7PM, Perry's

    The Perry's stage at Lollapalooza is a magical place where festival goers migrate for a great time. The huddled mass collectively decides to create the biggest, hottest, sweatiest dance party you could ever hope to be a part of. This year, the most swollen crowd is sure to exist during Calvin Harris' set. The interactions in a Lollapalooza crowd can be more entertaining than the show themselves. During Harris' set at Perry's, I predict the two are going to be equally as awesome. Be a part of it.

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