Out and About: The Knux
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011

    • Posted by: Elana Ehrenberg

    Coming straight from the dub-step heavy South Street Seaport's Mad Decent Block Party on Saturday to The Studio at Webster Hall, I was really excited to hear some live hip-hop from The Knux, Misterthumbs, and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. Turns out, I was a little too late to see Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire's set, as my friends who were there for him were already leaving. Fortunately Misterthumbs stepped up next and got the crowd moving again. Backed by pre-recorded beats and the man who created many of them, Geoff, the two rapped and jumped around encouraging the crowd to put their thumbs up while singing one of their hits Fist Pump City. Maybe that sounds slightly like the Jersey Shore, but believe me, the Jersey Shore doesn't sound half as good as this did.

    I had time to grab a quick drink while waiting for The Knux (short for Knuckleheads) to take the stage. The crowd was growing downstairs in this darkened bar. The Knux DJ was keeping everyones attention with some more sick dub-step jams. For appearing to be such a hard up, hip-hop duo, the crowd here felt more like a frat party. Suddenly, the band burst through the side doors launching into their first song of the night. Along with them came cameramen and this gaggle of tall blonde girls in short dresses. The girls danced like crazy right in front of the stage, not for the crowd, but for the band. They were there for the entirety of that first song, while being filmed by the cameramen and then were herded away as quickly as they came.

    That was bizarre, I thought to myself. It was like The Knux way of hyping up the crowd for the rest of their set. It somehow worked. There was some dialogue going between audience and the two brothers on stage as they talked about New York, ex-girlfriends and cappuccinos. Backed by their band of nerdy white dudes, the band performed one heavy power chorded song after another while rapping about guns, New Orleans, and big asses. They played the track they did with Kid Cudi, Run (without Kid Cudi of course), and the new single off their upcoming album Eraser, Shes So Up.

    The biggest crowd-pleaser by far though was "Cappuccino" with the brothers and audience chanting "I need a fresh cappuccino with a mocha twist, fresh, fresh cappuccino with a mocha twist". I, on the other hand, was thinking I need another drink. The Knux have a lot of energy. Everything they do is loud, charged, and a little questionable. Theyre not your usual hip-hop group and that's definitely what makes them unique on the scene whatever scene that is exactly. They don't believe in genre boundaries in the industry and that keeps them refreshing. Unfortunately, their set was a little on the short side, but overall everyone had a great time grooving with The Knux that night.

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