linkin park to return with new album
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 02, 2010

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    OK, I know it's 2010 and no one will ever be massively commercially successful again (except for Lady Gaga, Radiohead, U2, and the robots who will eventually replace each of the Rolling Stones). But Linkin Park think they have a formula for selling records, based mostly on the fact that they sold records back when "MP3" was just a Star Wars droid reference, and Bob Sagget was known more as a lovable single dad and less of that pervert from Entourage who plays himself. I guess what I'm trying to say is that times have changed, and so has Linkin Park, who plan to release something called "a record", their fourth attempt at having the music world mention them as anything but the butt of a joke/fodder for videogame trailers (true story). Let's listen.

    The album is called A Thousand Suns. LOL. "Nothing is hotter and more dramatic than a thousand suns, except maybe a billion suns" - Marketing.

    Because this song is being kept under LOCK AND KEY, they put a stream up Myspace. Go listen and then come back.

    Yoooooooooooooooo. It's actually not a bad song! But some of the lyrics are hilarious, especially "Oceans bleed into the sky". Come on! That is some ninth grade sh*t. Also, how does this "Chester" guy still have a voice? He screams. A lot.

    Guess we'll have to see what Park is packing in September. Until then, I'm definitely using this as the background music to my Starcraft campaign.* -joe puglisi


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