Tove Lo Shaves Her Head and Dances on Top of a Car in New 'Cool Girl' Video
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today Tove Lo released the video for her new single "Cool Girl." The video features a weird mixture of things: Tove Lo shaving her head and rolling around the dirt in a desert. Nothing that's usually considered sexy but somehow is... because it's Tove Lo. The choreography is a little weak but her cute sport bra/overalls combo makes up for it. The sensual dance scenes are weaved in between shots of the singer sitting in a room filled with burning flames and laying on top of what seems to be a see-through coffin with a body in it, so to sum it up, the point of the video is that Tove is bat shit crazy. And that actually makes sense since apparently, the song was inspired by Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl which--for those who don't know--is about an insanely crazy, murderous girlfriend.

    "Cool Girl" is the lead video of a larger short film project for Fairy Dust, chapter one of LADY WOOD, AKA her second album set to be released October 28.

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