Video Premiere: Romeo Testa
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2014

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We here at Baeble are proud to be premiering the latest video from rising L.A. pop artist Roméo Testa, for his single "I'm So Down." With preternaturally good looks (think a cross between Bruno Mars & Miguel) and great pipes for a dude that's only 19 years old (and already signed to Columbia Records), Roméo Testa has mainstream radio appeal written all over him. And I could easily hear "I'm So Down" blasting out of new students' cars as this new semester of school kicks off. And although the track is beautiful, it's paired with a darker video. According to the artist, that was intentional.

    "This is my second collaboration with Jon Jon [Ed. Note - "Jon Jon" refers to Jon Jon Augustavo who directed the video], which we shot alongside my video for With You. It was fun to get a little darker with this video - kind of press the envelope a little bit - especially after filming my other, lighter music videos up until this point."

    So, watch the video and prepare yourself for a young talent who could very soon be on a radio near you.

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