• FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Every year, a noteworthy shoe company pays a bunch of musicians to make a collaborative song to help further publicize their brand as that shoe that cool kids wear, because artists wear them, etc. And like the shoe, the collaboration is often flimsy, leaves you with wet socks, and falls apart almost instantly after too much use. This year, the company got Matt and Kim, Soulja Boy, and Andrew W.K.—as strange a combo as any we've seen before. But can Soulja Boy tell 'em with Matt and Kim and Andrew W.K. all bringing their own flair to the table? LET'S BLOG ABOUT IT.

    Devotees will recall a few of the previous disasters, namely the scatterbrained "My Drive Thru". Behold:

    The inaugural collab highlighted each of its artists well individually, but unfortunately, as a composition, or any sort of cohesive idea, the song was poorly arranged grab bag of themes. The powers that be ALMOST managed to get three wildly different souls to create one thing, but something was still amiss.
    The split between Kid Cudi and Best Coast's respective internal tempos made the track feel disjointed, despite Rostam Batmanglij's production being more or less even throughout (curious, the official video has totally disappeared...).

    And that brings us to this years collab, which claims to be Matt and Kim featuring Andrew WK and Soulja Boy. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of a collaborative effort if really only one style is embraced with the others merely whispering in the background?

    I like Matt and Kim, so this track definitely works for me. But the whole idea behind the project (or so I thought) was "three artists - one song"—to try and create something new by combining a series of very separate artists and/or producers and I don't think this track accomplishes that. So we'll continue to wait for the shoe-sponsored track that actually nails the idea of true emulsification, rather than just shaking up some oil and vinegar and hoping for the best.

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