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    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 2010

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    WITCH HOUSE. You may have heard of it. And after you heard of it, you probably still wondered what exactly it sounded like. Some have referred to it as "drag" or "dragstep". An anonymous Brooklyn Vegan commenter described the genre as "psych-tinged southern hip-hop". As you can see, the parameters of this new genre aren't so clear, but Dream Boat make something like it.

    It's vaguely sinister music, almost oppressively so, and shares hip-hop's affinity for samples and trunk-rattling bass (bone-rattling may be more applicable). "Lake Eerie" opens the new Dream Boat EP, Fevers, and contains all the dark atmospherics and appropriately dark samples (listen for the heartbeats at the end) that Witch House calls for. The EP contains a great batch of songs -- listen to enough of it and a bit of beauty begins to emerge from all the darkness (see: "oOchre"). The Fevers cassette is out now on AMDISCS. -ben krusling

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    MP3: "Lake Eerie"
    Dream Boat on Myspace

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