album review: as tall as lions
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2009

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    Crafting 'respectable pop' means assembling a buffet of bubbling hooks and catchy melodies, a tough pillar to erect and support for today's image conscious rock band. Where is the firing line between weird and innovative? Catchy and pastiche? "Indie" and "poseur?" These blanket terms aren't usually mutually exclusive, either. Half pop-ish, half slowed, and always inflated, As Tall As Lions run a tight gamut on their third LP; a risky attempt. The elite may dismiss them for being too mainstream, and the mainstream may dismiss them as too far fetched for "radio friendly," And where does that leave them? Bouncing from Bloc Party falsetto drum-driven movers to slow-dancing-in-a-jazzy-room ballads, As Tall As Lions are a crock pot of the last decade of indie-to-major successes.
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