SPEED ROUND: 5 Albums Out Now That You Should Spin
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Why does every artist have to drop their album on the same day? For us listeners, it's a challenge to catch up with every new release, especially when it's several different releases from all really exciting artists. So to cut through the noise and make sure you have all of your ducks in a row, we're briefly rounding up the most important albums to listen to this week.

    1. Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins

    It's been five years since Grizzly Bear dropped their critically acclaimed indie rock album Shields, and they've come back with an album that is a total return to form. Painted Ruins is already making wakes for its progressive song structures and complex arrangements. Highlights include the chaotic "Four Cypresses" and the expansive "Aquarian."

    2. Steven Wilson - To the Bone

    Speaking of Grizzly Bear's progressive sound, Steven Wilson has a new album out this week. The album was inspired by the progressive pop of his childhood, so fans of Kate Bush, Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel, and Talk Talk will surely want to give this new album a listen. Of course, the guitar playing is typically fantastic, but Steven Wilson's songwriting skills are especially on point here.

    3. Everything Everything - A Fever Dream

    The title track to the new Everything Everything album says it all. Listening to these tracks feels like going on a surrealist rock-and-roll adventure through absurd, chaotic soundscapes. However, it's also surprisingly versatile at times. If tracks like "Run the Numbers" and "Night of the Long Knives" are energetic rock tunes bathed in as much bassy distortion as they are in bleeps and bloops, then songs like "Put Me Together" and "New Deep" offer brief moments of synthetic levity. It's a wild ride.

    4. Alice Glass - Alice Glass

    The former Crystal Castles frontwoman dropped her debut solo EP this week, without warning. Fans of her previous work can expect the same electronic noise and pulsating synths, but this time with her voice sounding much clearer, and the songwriting more honest and poignant.

    5. Brand New - Science Fiction

    Speaking of unexpected releases: surprise! There's a brand new… Brand New album (I'm sure that lame joke's been made a million times, but I digress). The band teased the new record with preorders going up on their site earlier this week, but actually released the whole thing just days later. While they didn't make it available to stream, you can download Science Fiction on the Procrastinate! Music Traitors website.

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