Beirut's Trash Filled Fantasy
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Alana Solin

    In their new video for their song "Gibraltar", the band Beirut sits on the desaturated tundra of a bottle-strewn beach in Gibraltar, or at least their fictional version of Gibraltar, clad in impeccable whites and beiges despite the littered landscape. The band passes an indigo night under the moon and the next day heads to the Rock, which is a very different place than the one in our universe. The upbeat melody, made primarily from piano chords, tambourines, and the beating of a congo drum, twists against Zach Condon's naturally melancholy, warbling voice. The video is a little creepy with its isolation, its paleness, and its feeling of neglect, but it is still just as visually humorous as many of Beirut's videos have been, especially their most recent "No No No". Yet, like those videos, it contains the same hint of sorrow - here, the mourning over the corpse of a beautiful place.

    And check out our session with Beirut below!

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