MP3: Blood Orange
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2011

    • Posted by: Dominick Sorrentino

    Musical Mastermind Dev Hynes could probably curate a mixtape using only the music he's written and produced. Now known as Blood Orange, once upon a time known as Lightspeed Champion, and as producer and composer for Florance and the Machine, The Chemical Brothers, and many more, Hynes' fluid funk is pouring out its influence via a brand new collection of tracks. The gift is neatly arranged in a single file, 38 megabyte bow, and it's exactly the kind of mixtape you'd expect from Hynes.

    Lost 90s tunes, gender ambiguity, glamorous disco tracks, funk: It's not very difficult to pinpoint Blood Orange's influences. Listen and download the file below.

    And for some vintage Dev Hynes, check out our Lightspeed Champion show from SXSW a few years ago.

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    MP3: "Blood Orange Mixtape"

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