IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    Please listen to these songs so that I'm not the only one obsessively overplaying them. And have a very fabulous weekend!


    Tadow- Masego and FKJ

    This song was first recorded as an improvised jam session between FKJ and Masego, and the video positively blew up on YouTube. I bet you can tell why- it's groovy and beautiful and (after listening to this song approximately a thousand times) I can confidently say it never gets old.

    New Generation (Funk-Junt Remix) - Space Jesus

    Spotify analyzed my listening history and spit out a playlist that it thought I would enjoy, and this was the first song on there. And honestly it has me scared. Technology has gone too far, it's too intelligent, and we should burn it all.

    Sex - NoMBe

    This song is… sexy. I know that sounds dumb and redundant given the name of the song, but there's not really a better adjective for it. NoMBe has mastered that hazy space between genres, and his music is raw and honest and vibe-y. And his voice is deep and smooth as hell... It's just a sexy song, ok?

    MyBoi – TroyBoi Remix

    I adore Billie Eilish and I'm a huge fan of TroyBoi, so I was super excited about this remix. TroyBoi's got a really interesting take on Billie's beautiful but simply structured song. I'm still not entirely sure if I love the drop that TroyBoi came up with, but I do know that I've been listening to this song on repeat trying to decide. So, same thing in the end, right?

    High (Bassnectar Remix) - Rusko

    Bassnectar released this song last Friday and closed out his set at Elements NYC with it, so it's been on my mind. But it's also an incredibly well done song. Bassnectar is a master of taking the most unexpected songs and making them his own, but Rusko was an obvious choice. Bassnectar left a lot of Rusko's influence in the song, but even if I'd never heard this song before, I'd know who it was by. The balance is perfect.

    The City (with Quinn XCII) – Louis the Child

    I've been putting this song on nearly every day that I walk home. It feels so appropriate when the sun is shining and it immediately puts me in a good mood. For an unknown reason, it's just very hard to feel bad when this song is playing.

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