Cross Your Fingers Everybody, Weezer Is Releasing Another New Record
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    Everyone is beat up from Weezer's lack of impressive albums since the nineties, but more importantly I think everyone is fed up with talking about how shit new Weezer is. Perhaps they just ran out of good ideas, maybe their originating bassist completed the recipe, or the band is just cashing in over twenty years since their sophomore album. Anyway, here is Weezer's newest single from the upcoming Pacific Daydream called "Mexican Fender", and it's, uh, we'll say not great.

    It depresses me to analyze their new music nowadays. Instead, let's talk about their success. Both the Blue Album and Pinkerton are decadent, stuffed with emotion and relatability that consumes you. Back in February, Pitchfork wrote a terrific review of Weezer's debut album, with a complete breakdown of each track and how it fits into the teen male's psyche: perfectly. From the breaking relationship to officially broken relationship told chronologically through "No One Else" and "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" to one of the best back-to-back track listings ever in "Buddy Holly" and "Undone".

    Pinkerton doubled down on relatability but conjured up much more emotion. Frustration from meaningless physical encounters on "Tired of Sex" doesn't scream empathy. Neither does "Across The Sea" which details a sensual pen pal relationship between Rivers Cuomo and a Weezer fan from Japan. Cuomo flexed situational pains exclusive to himself but illuminated the idea of self analysis and the weird but painful dilemmas (getting denied by a lesbian, unable to meet a Japanese lover, having too much sex) the aging male might, nay, will face.

    Fingers are crossed for their newest album, but odds are we'll prefer to live in ‘94 and ‘96.

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