Desert Rock Duo ExSage Prove That Former Flames Can Still Be Creative Partners
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Susmita Paruchuri

    Los Angeles-based duo, Kate Clover and Tim Foley, are back with a new release under a new name. Fans will have known them as Cobalt Cranes until they broke up -- as both a couple and as musicians -- last year. They're putting out new music now under a new moniker, ExSage, and they definitely have a strong view of what they want their new sound and aesthetic to be. "I think for a while we didn't know if we wanted to continue to make music together," Clover said to LA Weekly. "But then sometimes when you're in a creative space, you don't make that choice."

    Their newest track, "Tripwire," drips of the empty, dry desert imagery where they reconnected in Southern California. It captures their garage rock, lo-fi sound they're going for in their new EP, Out of the Blue, and they absolutely do it well. With Clover's slightly husky voice combined with Foley's over heavy drums and driving guitar.

    ExSage definitely has a plan going into this EP with their new name, and the former flames know exactly what sound they're going for and how they want to be seen. Their album teaser depicts the artists driving through the desert and in a desolate motel. "Tripwire" is a rough, heavy track that encapsulates the American southwest, with its dry heat and unforgiving sun giving way to the frigid nights. Produced by Alain Johannes, ExSage's debut EP is expected to drop later this summer.

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