Patrick Watson Finds Robotic Romance In New Video
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I've really got to stop watching certain music videos before I've had my morning coffee...I don't actually drink coffee, but I think you get my point. Or maybe in this case, I should say that I should stop watching certain music videos before I've smoked a mid-morning bowl (I jest...I jest). When I think of Patrick Watson, I think of gorgeous, Canadian acoustic folk-rock. I don't immediately think of the outre and avant-garde, but on his sci-fi themed new record, Love Songs For Robots, Watson embraced his weird side, and it shows on the video for the album's title track. It reminds me a bit of surrealist Russian science-fiction with a touch of contemporary French filmmakers pushing boundaries like Michael Gondry. It's also unintentionally terrifying, and I'm not sure anyone realized it as they were making the video.

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