Leona Lewis Gets Bombastic And Ambiguous In New Video
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2015

    • Posted by: Becky Foinchas

    Leona Lewis's latest track has positioned itself as a late contender for the feel-good song of the summer...contrary to its constant references to bad weather. In her new video, she lazily saunters about her allotted space, weaving in temperamental spurts of passion and fierceness to bouts of angelic calmness, characteristic of actual thunderstorms we hate to love. It becomes clear through the song's lyrical might and the aggressively literal visuals that Ms. Lewis has a clear message of empowerment as well as freedom from the shackles of weighty deterrents. '

    It strikes me that because of this ubiquitously effervescent message, her video takes a very airy shape. You can never really tell where she is in the video...like, ever. At one moment she'll be casually petting a visually altered wall mass, and in another moment she's twirling with intent in what seems to be an anonymously gutted out museum-house structure. The botched above description should further solidify the ambiguous yet all encompassing nature of the song, the message, and the encouraging objective. This I enjoy. It weeds out the superimposing, rah-rah-rah of forced storytelling through unequipped actors for ideas based in feeling and contemplation. We're given the leeway to carefully indulge in the crescendo into a full blown thunderstorm rife with drive, confidence, and energy to achieve whatever goals you have in mind.

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