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    • MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2009

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    The last night before winter break my freshman year of college, I couldn't sleep. Most people had already left to their respective coasts and suburban wastelands and I was left to wander the dormitory halls in eerie silence, the snow falling ominously outside, the absurdly decorated building become a ghost town. I lay on my bed staring alternately out the window and at the yellowed ceiling, listening to In Rainbows, letting it fill up the air, call the ghosts from the photographs tacked onto the walls, give shape to everything peculiar and out of place about the past few months. After the album ran through, the silence that followed posed an important question: now what? What could possibly follow an album like that?

    Failing to find any adequate solution, I hit repeat. Eventually it was dawn. Now Radiohead themselves are faced with the very same question, and it seems they can't figure it out either.

    There are unfortunate rumors that they will never release another full-length EP. There are even more unfortunate rumors they will do a track for the upcoming Twilight movie. There's that track released in honor of a dead British war veteran. And now there's this new song leak, "These Are My Twisted Words," which we invite you to check out below. It's certainly not bad, classic Radiohead stuff. Though personally, I think I'm just going to give In Rainbows another spin and wait it out. - Nina Mashurova

    Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words

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