We Want This Har Mar Superstar Painting
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    This morning, I was late for work. But in my defense, I overslept following a debaucherous evening at one of Har Mar Superstar's late night NYC sets. It's become somewhat of a tradition for my friends and I to get a little sauced up mid-week whenever Har Mar's hosting a local gig. Last night he interrupted his West Coast tour in support of Yeah Yeah Yeahs to fly cross-country to play Bowery Electric, and hours later traveled another 3,000 miles to rejoin Karen O. and co. in Santa Cruz. As space begins to tighten, and Har Mar sells-out more shows - even if they're smaller venues like Bowery Electric and Le Poisson Rouge - evidence proves that his hard work, persistent touring schedule, and outside means self-promotion (see Nocturnal Emotions), are all beginning to pay off handsomely.

    In other Har Mar Superstar-related news: The original watercolor painting (below) from which the art of his latest album, Bye Bye 17, was conceived is for sale on Ebay. Currently, the bid rests at $1,500, but there are four days remaining on the ticker, so you have plenty of time to shell out some dough to get that beautiful chunk of man on your wall.

    Bye Bye 17 is out now, and we think you should buy it.

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