Terrible One Direction Fans Tweet Bash The Who
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It's official; After scrolling through over 10 hours of One Direction fans' tweets, I've [hopefully] gone sterile. A review compared one of the boy-band ass-clowns' songs to one of The Who's - "Best Song Ever" and Baba O'Riley" respectively - which led to a false report that The Who would be pursuing legal action. But according to Who songwriter/guitarist Pete Townshend, none of it's true. But, that didn't stop the world's largest and deadliest army, illiterate teenagers, from taking their painful protest to Twitter to voice their misspelled hatred for The Who.

    Real people said these things.

    The Walter White...

    Yeah, uh...well...Mr. Townshend might like that?


    Yeah, go away the who!!

    Get a job ya dicks!

    Musical vision the superpower of vicious tweens...

    And just because, watch The Who kick some ass in this live "Baba O'Riley" vid:

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