KISS Purchased an Arena Football Team
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2013

    • Posted by: Owen Reuther

    LA KISS. No, it's not a soft rock/oldies radio station - it's the newest addition to the Arena Football League. I shit you not. And to answer your question, yes, The Demon and The Starchild are most definitely partial owners.

    These are probably going to be the only football jerseys this year that will sell fewer units than Aaron Hernandez's. Or maybe I'm wrong and it will be a super successful franchise. I mean, people love KISS, and if they let Gene Simmons have anything to do with the uniform design, forget about it. But I have a feeling football isn't going to be the main attraction for all of these games, especially since they're alleged to be as big of a spectacle as a KISS concert. So, if you're a huge KISS fan you can buy season tickets for only $99 and you'll get yourself in for a free show as well. Not to mention you'll get to fulfill your dream of owning a Catman jersey.

    And just because, let us listen to the greatest KISS song of all time.

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