Green Day Rocks Out for Punk Models in 'Oh Love'
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    To hype up the release of their upcoming album, Uno!, Green Day released a video for the single "Oh Love" today, and it's pretty rock star-y. The 5'7" Billie Joe Armstrong and gang play a little concert for some much taller, glazed over models. And that's about it, well, as long as you ignore the grossest rendition of Lady and the Tramp ever. Of the video, Armstrong told MTV News that it's "shooting a little bit more from the crotch area," while bassist Mike Dirnt discussed the song's sexual vibes and how the video is tipping its, ahem, hat to them. It's been a full three years since 21st Century Breakdown was released and at least one thing is apparent -- that in their down time the boys have been attending the Kid Rock School of Video-making. Like the American Badass has always said, if you don't have a concept, just toss some hot babes in front of a camera.

    See what I mean below.

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