Jamila Woods Releases Video to Chicago Love Letter 'LSD'
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    This morning, Jamila Woods shared the video for her chill, Chance the Rapper-featuring summer song, "LSD", off her HEAVN mixtape. The video is released in conjunction with a making-of video, showing the music video's production process.

    In May, Jamila Woods and Chance announced that they were seeking students from Chicago Public Schools to collaborate on the music video for "LSD". Both artists are prominent figures in Chicago's arts and education scenes, with Woods serving as Associate Artistic Director for Young Chicago Authors, a non-profit that promotes literary arts education within Chicago-area schools. In March, Chance the Rapper donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, and has repeatedly used his exposure as a public figure to bring attention to the city's poorly-funded school system.

    Chicago is the subject matter of the song and video of "LSD", with both artists at once acknowledging that Chicago is in need of support from his influential inhabitants, and praising it for its culture and beauty. The video features sunset shots of Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive, as well as glimpses of a serene neighborhoods and backyard cookouts.

    According to Ashley Huicochea, the student selected to help produce the music video by shadowing the director and production crew, a major aim of the project was to show the regal, scenic, and family-focused nature of Chicago, a side of the city that is often obscured by Chicago's reputation for gang violence.

    With its visually striking shots, accompanied by Jamila Woods' Erykah Badu-influenced vocals, the viewer does get a glimpse of the serene side of Chicago. "We really want to showcase not only downtown or only the beach, but the places where people actually live," said Woods, in the making-of video. Woods was raised in Chicago, and her love of the city is apparent in lyrics like, "My city like my skin, it's so pretty / If you don't like it, just leave it alone."

    A number of other CPS students were selected to shadow camera operators, the wardrobe crew, and art directors. Says Huicochea of Jamila Woods and Chance the Rapper's decision to bring young students on the set to learn about video production, "They do it because they see what other people don't see, which is really what the LSD video is about."

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