KNOW WHOS NEXT: The Dreamy Indie-Pop Vibes of Savoir Adore
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    We had a lot of great artists drop by the Baeble Bounce House at SXSW this year for some good music and good vibes, but no band brought the positive energy better than Brooklyn's own Savoir Adore. Describing their sound at "Adventure Wave" on their Facebook page, Savoir Adore embody everything that's great and fun about the indie-pop scene, mixing in dance, rock, pop, and even disco to make irresistibly catchy and highly danceable music.

    Founding members Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro met at an NYU songwriting course in 2007, and as crazy as it sounds, the band essentially started on a dare: During one weekend out in a studio in rural New York, the duo decided to record an entirely new EP without using any acoustic instruments. The result was the band's whimsical concept EP, The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel & the Girl with Animals in Her Throat, released in 2008. Realizing they were onto something, the Hammer and Muro continued making music as Savoir Amore, and in 2009, they released their debut full-length record, In The Wooded Forest. Showing off their catchy and unique songwriting skills to the fullest, In The Wooded Forest earned the duo a lot of attention in the local New York music scene, and press, as both The L Magazine and The New York Post named the band in their respective bands-to-watch lists. The band's skills also earned them opening slots with other indie heavyweights like MGMT, Oh Land, and Toro y Moi.

    The duo really struck gold in 2012 with their Kickstarter-funded album, Our Nature, which features the lead single and their most popular song to date, "Dreamers." With 5 million Spotify streams and 3 million YouTube hits on the music video, the track is a joyful wonderland of synths, delay-heavy guitars, and bouncy drumbeats, all of which makes for the perfect hipster lullaby that'll send you off to sleep with happy thoughts and warm feelings. Muro sadly left Savoir Adore in 2014, but Hammer hasn't let that speed bump stop him, and with the help of a new lineup, the band has just released their newest record, The Love That Remains. With tracks like upbeat, anthemic "Giants," the tense, percussion-driven "Savages," and the disco/indie hybrid "Devotion," The Love That Remains packs a lot of great hooks and solid indie rock into a single record, and might be the band's best sounding album. Savoir Adore have already conquered the NYC scene, and now they're ready to take on wherever else there's a dance party waiting to happen.

    Be sure to check back in for our Baeble Bounce House session with Savoir Adore on Wednesday if you want some good tunes to get you through the day!

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