YACHT Parties at the NSA with Marc Maron
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    DFA duo YACHT has their cross-hairs set on the NSA's illegal mass surveillance program. Their new protest anthem, "Party at the NSA", is an early New Wave dance number that they have released in support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, with all of its proceeds going directly to the nonprofit. Midway through you'll notice an out-of-place, but awesome guitar shred compliments of comedian/music-lover/digital rights advocate Marc Maron.

    I've said too much already, they're watching me.

    Download the song here, and name your own price.

    "Party at the NSA" Lyrics:

    Did you read my mail again?
    How do you find the time?
    I lost my signal yesterday,
    But it was never mine.

    We don't need no privacy.
    What do you want that for?
    Don't you think it'll spoil our fun
    If you let that whistle blow?

    P-P-P-Party at the NSA,
    Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours a day!

    There is a rainbow at the end of every P-R-I-S-M.

    Be careful where you look today,
    Careful what you share.
    We're gonna make history.
    But it won't know we're there.

    The world looks stranger when you look
    Through electronic eyes.
    There's a place in the Beehive State
    Where the network goes to die.

    P-P-P-Party at the NSA,
    Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours a day!

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