DIY Woodstock for the Jealous Millennial
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    43 years ago to this day began what was perhaps the most seminal music festival of all time. We're talking, of course, about those three days of muddy hills, contact highs, and peace signs colloquially known as WOODSTOCK. Rad.

    Woodstock freaked out the old people, inspired the kiddies, and provided a sense of unification amongst a counterculture.

    So what does it mean now? Well, mainly that everyone who wasn't there is pretty jealous. How to cope? *

    Pull out your best hippie swag, and let's get our tie dye on like it's 1967. Peace sign buttons, flowers in your hair, we're goin' real authentic. Don't have a Woodstock tee to show your solidarity with yesteryears' flower children? Consider splurging on this "Adult Unisex T-shirt from 60s Peace & Hippy Music Festival" Want to really commit? Some of our favorites: this ole' thang or perhaps this? That whimpering sound? Oh, don't worry, it's just Janis Joplin weeping in the heavens.

    Now, roll around in a fresh patch of mud to the tune of Jefferson Airplane until you are filthy. Sun yourself off. Try not to care. They didn't.

    Or do the reasonable thing and watch today's NYT released video of Richie Havens, the first performer to take the stage:

    *Hard drugs optional.

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