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    Somehow, Oasis still gets me excited. To be perfectly honest though, I'm not exactly sure why. Really, the appeal should be nothing more than an ill-informed, high school infatuation with mostly mediocre Brit rock, neatly tucked away under the bands more prominent facade of pedigree looks, rude attitudes, and sibling rivalries. Yet, those Gallaghers still do it for me...those Gallaghers still make for excellent rock stars. Ask any Brit, and you're bound to hear the same thing: Oasis is top notch. All others wilt in comparison. I'm just not prepared to argue with an entire nations logic...mostly because, I too, fall for it...for some reason.

    Which makes the announcement of their forthcoming studio album, Dig Out Your Soul, on October 7th a mostly big deal. Their first since 05's Dont Believe the Truth, Dig Out Your Soul was produced by Dave Sardy (NIN, Ting Tings, Wolfmother) at Abbey Road. Says Noel, I wanted to write music that had a groove, not songs that followed that traditional pattern of verse, chorus, and middle eight. I wanted a sound that was more hypnotic and driving, with songs that would draw you in; songs that you would maybe have to connect to to feel. And the band's first offering from the record - a bouncy little arena rock number called "Shock of the Lightening" - sounds like, well...Oasis. And yet, somehow, Oasis' allure chugs along. david pitz

    Dig Out Your Soul will be released October 7th on Big Brother Recordings.

    Oasis On Tour
    08/26/08 - WaMu Theater - Seattle, WA
    08/27/08 - General Motors Place - Vancouver, BC, CANADA
    08/29/08 - Rexall Place - Edmonton, AB, CANADA
    08/30/08 - Pengrowth Saddledome - Calgary, AB, CANADA
    09/01/08 - MTS Centre - Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
    09/04/08 - Scotiabank Place - Ottawa, ON, CANADA
    09/05/08 - Bell Centre - Montreal, QC, CANADA
    09/07/08 - Island Park - Toronto, ON, CANADA
    09/09/08 - The John Labatt Centre - London, ON, CANADA
    11/26/08 - Palacio De Los Deportes - Mexico City, MEXICO
    11/28/08 - Arena VFG - Guadalajara, MEXICO
    11/29/08 - Arena Monterrey - Monterrey, MEXICO

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