Relaxation and Revenge in Lana Del Rey's Newest Vision
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    By now, everyone's familiar with the languorous vibes of mellow-pop star Lana Del Rey. With accusations of her invalidity from various past identity changes, Del Rey still remains a strong force in idiosyncratic pop. Whether you like her sound or not, she is the only one producing this dismal, west-coast haziness and lucky for her, it's been highly successful. She's released a profusion of melodramatic singles, but her newest song is as Lana as a song can get. It's called "High By The Beach" and its title is exactly self-explanatory; lamenting about a traitorous lover, the refrain suggests that all she really wants to do is get high and chill out by the ocean, which sounds like classic Lana to me.

    In the new music video for her single, she's seen lugubrious as always: floating around her beach house in a typical, subdued anger. Throughout most of the song, we see Del Rey somberly prancing around this luxurious house very visibly moping with a helicopter hovering right by the dream pad. At the crux of the video, after lounging dramatically on various household furniture, Del Rey suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots the helicopter, ending in its explosion. With the song implementing a passive stance on heartbreak, Del Rey utilizes the video to ensure that she is not to be messed with. Though she may want to get high and relax all day in the sun, she still has her heart in catastrophic vengeance, and I am fully down with that.

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