Jason Isbell Revitalizes Alt Country On Late Night
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Conan O'Brien has featured some cool indie artists lately; with the desirable spot O'Brien has during late night television, it's only acceptable for him to share his spotlight with those who don't have the same platform. This week on the show, Jason Isbell was invited on to showcase his southern-influenced indie rock, a slight step away from his accomplished former band Drive-By Truckers.

    Isbell performed his single from his latest album "24 Frames", a retrospective anthem that slowly accumulates sound as it traverses through his lyrical advice. It's powerful and poignant, yet sentimental as well. It seems like Isbell is a little nervous to be on prime-time television, since his voice shakes from time to time with an endearing rattle. But, as many know, it's the imperfections that make an artist seem accessible: that the music is more than an industrial product. It's interestingly profound, and though the minor voice shudders occur every now and then, Jason Isbell, as an artist, remains adept at his craft.

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