FKA twigs' Masterful Artistic Innovation
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Nothing got me more excited to see (and listen to) the new FKA twigs album pop up on Spotify. I knew that new music was on its way, but didn't know how rapidly the full production would be released. With the transnational success of FKA twigs debut album LP 1, FKA twigs has since been one of the most essential pop artists in obscuring the art of conventional music. With a high-pitched, breathy singing style combined with spasmodic, electronic rhythms, she has produced a signature sound that has invaded the hearts of fans everywhere.

    Dabbling in many ways of artistic expression (twigs first started off as a professional dancer), it's no surprise that the new album M3LL155X is accompanied by an extensive music video experience: twenty minutes of eccentric movements intertwine, evading all preconceived notions of space and time. It almost seems like a futuristic broadway production, with FKA twigs adapting to each stage and persona corresponding to each of the five songs on her EP. Through narratives of childbirth and womanhood, the shining piece in vision and music is the seductive "I'm your doll". Featuring signature pulsating percussion, twigs morphs both seduction and catastrophe into a sadistic three minutes. Literally dressed up as a blow-up doll, she manages to express lust in the form of objectification, and the dark yet realistic nature of her own innovation. Though I've found my favorite tracks, everything is gold when it comes to the artistry of FKA twigs, and that will certainly not change for a long time.

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