Destroyer Gets Cryptic And Grandiose in 'Times Square'
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    I remember watching the "Kaputt" video as a confused high school freshman [Ed. Note: Man, you're making me feel really old right now, Joseph.], listening to the breathy vocals of Dan Bejar and watching an abnormal black-and-white video with a small child as the main centerpiece. All of it seemed really foreign to me; with a nasally voice guiding me throughout this weird artistic venture, I felt alienated. But after sometime, I've come to realize the strength of Destroyer's brand of psych-rock and have galvanized my brain into an immediate acceptance of his unorthodox talent.

    On Destroyer's new song, he flirts with the idea of grandiose; exploring concepts of New York City, faith, and cryptic messages, the single "Times Square" feels like a departure from his more eccentric side. While there is some signature, sexy saxophone riffs that have similarly appeared on his past work, Bejar's newest creation is something infinitely more pop-oriented then his former work. Even messing with the ideas of such a renowned space like midtown and Times Square seems to me like an immediate withdrawal from his more reclusive sound. All in all, there are definitely some Destroyer staples that appear on the newest track but get ready for a journey into something more monolithic on the upcoming LP.

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