Prince's Real Twitter Is Just As Bizarre As The Fakes
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We're all well aware of Jake Fogelnest's outstanding mock Prince Twitter account, but his purple majesty seems to have ditched his social media disdain, and started his own. And not surprisingly, Fogelnest's tweet interpretations weren't far off from the real thing.

    Prince Rogers Nelson and his sexy rock n roll posse 3rdeyegirl describe themselves on the profile as "4 HARD-ROCKING, SOFT-SPOKEN, ASTRAL TRAVELING EXPLOSIONS OF AWESOME." So yeah, we're pretty sure it's legit. Then there was this photo, which shines with authenticity:

    Last night, @3RDEYEGIRL tweeted this preview of Prince's new song, "Groovy Potential":

    You can purchase the song in full here.

    All the while, Fogelnest aims to keep the dream alive...

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