Baeble Geeks Out with AWOLNATION
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    In the year 2015, what does genre mean? Think about the most popular and critically acclaimed bands in the country. What do most of them have in common? Their music defies easy categorization. Rock and folk have been fused. Hip-hop and pop are now inseparable. The dance-hall is taking over Top 40. And one of the artists that has been leading the charge of this destruction of "genre" in American music is Aaron Bruno, better known by his stage name AWOLNATION.

    In the latest episode of the Rock Geek, we sit down with AWOLNATION in the green room at Irving Plaza on the first night of two back-to-back sold-out dates at the storied NYC rock club. And AWOLNATION walks us through everything from opening for the Rolling Stones, what it means to perform in a band vs. being a solo artist, what genre means to him, and what's gone into his lengthy career as a musician.

    It's a riveting conversation and Aaron holds little back as we dive into his career and his music. And although no single person can help point to the future of what the music industry is going to sound like, the adventurous and experimental spirit of AWOLNATION should be a great clue.

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