Angel Haze Showcases Alter Ego on New Track
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Angel Haze is back with a fiery new single, introducing their amalgamating, all-encompassing alter ego who is about to take Haze's career to the next level. With a relentless flow and a constant distribution of music throughout the 2010's, Haze has become a household name when it comes to 21st century hip-hop. That fact is especially cool when Angel Haze is one of the only gender non-conforming, more "mainstream" rappers. To be honest, there is basically no inclusion outside of the gender binary in most American music, which is unbelievably myopic. But, with Haze becoming such a prolific artist, they are irrefutably paving a way for queer artists to have a platform and a voice in such an insidious industry.

    On their new track "Babe Ruthless", it seems that Haze is most certainly back to some similar antics, despite their introduction of a nuanced persona. It's intense, evocative, and full of energetic lines depicting their power and prominence in the rap hemisphere. With the celebration of this new era that Haze seems to be embarking on, with such a strong track like "Babe Ruthless", audiences everywhere can only be excited for the future of this innovative rapper.

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