Alabama Shakes Electrify On Conan
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Ever since their breakthrough song "Hold On", Alabama Shakes has been a tour de force of bluesy-inspired indie rock music, blistering with relics of the past. The treasure, though, is lead singer Brittany Howard's dynamic vocals, that conjure up both beauty and power. She can go from subdued and soft, to a bombastic holler reminiscent of Elvis, James Brown, and other old time rock artists. The band appeared on Conan the other night to showcase their nuanced brand of soul-rock and played two songs off their newest album Sound & Color.

    On "Gimme All Your Love", she goes in and out of her vocal styles alongside a very sexy, sultry bass riff that wiggles in the background. It's dark and seductive, with an attention unambiguously garnered by Bethany's stage presence. The stage lights are turned down low and a shade of blue undulates throughout the bandmates. "Future People" followed the first song in a storm of excitement; Howard's voice contorts into her signature growl as she shouts her lyrics harmoniously. It's gratifying and cathartic to watch someone with so much gift and power blurting melodies on late night television, and to see such a positive response to it is even better.

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