Kitty Pryde's Brazen MC Introduction
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    Kitty Pryde sounds a lot like that crazy girl you were chatting up at the bar last Saturday. Let the female rapper explain herself in her own words:

    "You know that girl at that party who is being kind of annoying but it's like whatever she's probably drunk and looking for attention so we'll engage her in conversation because it's amusing and she'll probably embarrass herself by telling way too much about her personal life? It's like that, kinda, except she turns out to be really creepy and makes you never want to talk to her again.

    Kitty's self-awareness and need to talk about her personal life make for an interesting combination, giving us someone who isn't afraid to tell everyone about things that most people keep under lock and key. Her most recent release, D.A.I.S.Y. Rage, captures this attitude perfectly. It's about time we had more female MCs in the game and we just hope Kitty continues to entertain in a way that only she knows how.

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