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    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 2010

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    Syracuse's pop-punk outfit Honor Bright have been self-releasing records for a while, but with their recent Triple Crown debut Action! Drama! Suspense!, the band is poised to take over the scene. Guitarist Ryan Gilmore was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the new record.

    Can you tell us the background of the band?

    Honor Bright is more or less the result of a bunch of local bands that ended for one reason or another. We all came from other projects that werent working out in order to make a band that was made up of 5 guys with the drive to push this band has hard as possible to make it in the music world.

    How would you describe your sound?

    We like to say were a pop/punk band playing rock. We fall in the middle of those two genres but also have influences from all different musical styles. I think thats what makes us sound like we do

    What do you think sets your music apart?

    We feel that were different because of our honesty. Our musical style is exactly what we want it to be, not what will make us money. Our lyrics are truthful and come from what happens in our lives. And we always want to be a band that has longevity and makes music that matters to the people that listen to it.

    Where do you get your inspiration from and who are your biggest influences?

    We always are influenced by life. We write songs based on how we feel and what is going on in the world around us. As for musical influences, they are from all over. From Queen to The Beach Boys, to MxPx, to Earth Crises, to The Movielife. We draw from the music we love.

    How have you grown as a band and as individuals since being together?

    Honor Bright is a family, were all brothers now. Weve grown closer as friends but also as family. Regardless of what happens, we always love each other and know were all in this together. Thats kept us together for so long.

    Youve self-released two records (If This Was a Movie and Build Hearts From Stars), what was that experience like and what did you learn from it? How is releasing from a label like Triple Crown different?

    We learned so much from making albums on our own. Usually learning what NOT to do, and learning that the hard way. We learned how hard it is to do it on your own, but how rewarding it is. With the new record, Action! Drama! Suspense!, we had financial help from the record, which helped us focus completely on the music. Triple Crown Records was amazing during this. They let us do what we wanted with the record. We also learned so much from our producers, Tom Denney and Jason Lancaster. Those guys have done so much in the music industry and we learned so much from them, from the business to the music to how to make your band last.

    How does Action! Drama! Suspense! differ from your previous efforts?

    I think it's more focused than anything weve done before. In the past, we wrote songs and when we had enough, recorded and released a record. With Action! Drama! Suspense!, we locked ourselves in a garage and wrote about 26 songs. Doing that helped us focus on each song and how the whole album will sound as a whole, as apposed to a collection of songs.

    How was it working with Tom Denney (former guitarist of A Day To Remember) and Jason Lancaster (former vocalist/guitarist of Mayday Parade, now of Go Radio)?

    Unbelievable. Those guys are musical geniuses. Everyday they'd come up with ideas that were amazing. We respect those guys so much. Not only that, but they're amazing guys. Sometimes we found ourselves just hanging out in the studio, cracking jokes.

    What was your writing process with Action! Drama! Suspense! and how do you think it shows through the music?

    It was actually a process this time. We started while out on the road, gathering ideas. Then came home and fleshed out the songs that would make up the record. We got to write them all at the same time which helped the record sound like an album and not a collection of songs. We feel like there isnt a song on this record that sticks out stylistically.

    What are your hopes with Action! Drama! Suspense!? What are your hopes and plans for the future?

    We just hope people love it as much as we do. We put everything we had into this record, we had so many problems outside of the music that popped up and stalled the release, but we pushed through cause we knew we had a great product. I hope kids feel the same. As for the future, we just wanna keep touring, keep getting better, gaining popularity, and keep growing as a band. We never wanna' stop getting better at all aspects.

    Anything else youd like to tell our readers?

    We love you. Seriously. If you're reading this, then you're either a fan, or you've heard of us, or your checking us out for the first time. And we appreciate that. This band would be nowhere if it werent for our fans. They keep us going and we appreciate them more than they'll ever know. They are the backbone of Honor Bright.

    Action! Drama! Suspense! is available now via Triple Crown Records. -hanna kasper

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