THAT'S A WRAP: Bands + Brews with Drowners and Handsome Ghost
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Last night, Baeble Music held its third Bands + Brews of Summer 2016 at Brooklyn's Industry City and you know what they say: third time's the charm. Of course, there needs to be a downpour right before the show. Every time. But it's good luck... Right? Well it has to be, because it always stops right before the show begins. The result of the rain was thick humid air, but we still had a beautiful sunset along with perfect temperatures. That, along with a new stage and a great turnout, made it one of the best shows yet.


    We were graced with two fantastic acts, New York rock band Drowners and folk-turned-electro artist Handsome Ghost. Handsome Ghost set the positive tone for the entire night with an amazing opening set. He filled the space with lush synths, unique vocal effects, and overall great energy. Couples in the crowd were dancing while others were kicking back and chilling out to the electro-vibes. I had the chance to briefly talk to Handsome Ghost, AKA Tim Noyes, after the set and apparently this wasn't his first time at Industry City. "This is such a cool space. I love it," apparently he was here in one of the other studios a while ago, and he was happy to be back.



    Closing out the night was Drowners, who also put on a killer show. Fans were going nuts in the front row as the band owned the stage. We filmed them at Brooklyn Bowl last year and we were happy to see a huge improvement in their (already great) performance. I also had the opportunity to hang out with the band before their set. "Having a camaraderie in the band is literally the only thing that will keep your band together," bassist Erik Snyder told me. "Yeah, because most of the time you're not actually playing, you're sitting in rooms or vans together. It's who you're going to share a bed with and that kind of thing," frontman Matthew Hitt expanded, and that sense of friendship was evident on stage as well, which made all of the difference. Since I was about to see them live, I wanted to know what was their favorite song off of their new album, On Desire, to perform live. "I really enjoy this one section where we play B minor in 'Troublemaker,'" Hitt laughed, but he was being serious. "It's my favorite part. It only happens for two seconds but I really enjoy it." I asked the rest of the band if they agree with that *super specific* answer, and their response? "We love all of it."



    Seeing how much the crowd dug both bands and how much everyone was socializing had us on an adrenaline rush all night, and we can't to do it one last time next month, on September 22nd. Make sure to catch it, as it'll be your last chance to close out the summer right! And while you wait, be on the look out for the live show to be released on our site, because you know we filmed all of it.




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