Did Katy Perry Copy Sara Bareilles and Dillon Francis?
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We all know that pop musicians trade ideas with each other like pogs (people still play pogs right?), but Katy Perry's new single "Roar" is pushing the boundaries of borrower bullshit. This may come off as a bit nit-picky, but the new song sounds eerily familiar to Sara Bareilles' hit single "Brave", which was released back in April. Listen to "Roar" below, and then compare to Bareilles further down.

    Okay, now here's Sara B.'s:

    Pretty damn close, huh? To top it off, that quirky emoji-themed lyric video that makes you think of gumdrops and ponytails isn't even an original idea. Dillon Francis released his music video for "Messages" (ft. Simon Lord) in April as well. Watch:

    Tisk, tisk, tisk Katy.

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