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    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009

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    Lead by Tim Yehezkely, Miami's Postmarks swayed their way through a set of dusty pop songs that probably best fits another era altogether. Yehezkely's - a singer who, contrary to her name suggests, is actually an adorable, blunt banged beauty in a delicate, pretty dress - voice is sweet and perfect, ushering a sense of lingering nostalgia and the slightest touch of golden melancholy as she performs. Under the Highline Ballroom's bright lights, and flowing through a modern sound system, the band assumed a slightly mightier presence than their fragile, snowflake beauty of their recorded efforts. Regardless, their pretty melodies and Tim's eventual use of an adorable voice distorter on top of the microphone added a new level of audience inner "awww." - Laura Yann

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    VIDEO: The Postmarks at The Highline Ballroom

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