Lights Gets 'Savage' in Her New Song
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    So far, everything leading up to the release of Lights' new album, Skin and Earth, has shown that the singer is going all-out with her new material. Since the album's announcement back in April, fans have learned that the release will be accompanied by a comic-book series, designed by the singer herself, and were teased with snippets of her new song, "Giants," from the end of May into the middle of June, when the track was officially released.

    And then, it wasn't long before Lights dropped a second single, titled "Skydiving." Both of these tracks saw Lights adopting a new look, fitting in with the aesthetic of the Skin and Earth comic book.

    Last night, she made the album available for preorder on her website, and today she released a music video for yet another new track, "Savage." And, it's easily the best single from Skin and Earth yet. To say that it's a breakup song would be putting it lightly. Lyrically, Lights isn't shying away from the most intimate details, singing "When you hung up the phone and you blocked my number/ I was alone in the rain and thunder... I never knew you could be so savage." She also shows off her guitar chops on this one, and the effect is a song that sounds equally garage rock and anthemic pop.

    Also, we can see how the lyrics from the new songs will be tying into the comic book, as they appear in numerous frames on display behind Lights in the video. This is far from the only way that the music and the comic will go hand in hand, and all of this interplaying between the two just goes to show that Skin and Earth is bound to be Lights' most ambitious release yet.

    If "Savage" is getting you hyped for Lights' new album, be sure to check out our excellent session with the singer below:

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