Jessie J is Back with New Single 'Real Deal'
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Jessie J just dropped her first single since her 2014 album, Sweet Talker, and despite being called "Real Deal," it is anything but.

    The song opens with a hodgepodge of synths, "woos," and "heys". From there, it just becomes more. Not any better or necessarily worse, just more. Jessie begins to sing the verse, and with her comes call-and-response "yup"s and a reggae horn. The pre-chorus is pretty cool, but there is nothing about it that really makes it all that special. A pre-chorus alone is not enough to save the rest of the song.

    I can kind of hear what Jessie was aiming for. The melody of this song is catchy, and it has a lot of the elements that the pop songs on Top 40 Radio right now have. But what it's lacking is a strong hook that will latch itself into your brain, and the incredible vocal talent that is Jessie J. Jessie has such a big, beautiful voice. We heard it on "Bang Bang" and on "Domino." We all know she has it. But those riffs and her belt are only featured on the bridge, and the intermittently throughout the last chorus.

    All in all, this song just has so much going on. Sometimes, less is more. Except for when it comes to Jessie's voice. Then more is not enough.

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