Chain and the Gang's 'Rome' is a Politically Astute Punk Song
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Amidst the restlessness and paranoia of our current political climate, one musical genre comes to mind in particular when it comes to protesting the powerful: punk rock. So, it's a good thing that Ian Svenonius, former frontman of the short-lived, but influential, punk rock band Nation of Ulysses, is coming out in full force with his newest project: Chain and The Gang. The band recently put out a new single titled "Rome," and the song has the perfect tongue-in-cheek message to calm your nerves (this week, especially): "Rome wasn't burnt in a day." What a lovely message. It's almost like saying "chill out! We've still got a little time to fix things… before the country burns down." How's that for an accurate representation of where we are right now?

    Instrumentally, the song is a garage-rock nostalgia trip. The guitars are loud and messy, the drums are booming, and Svenonius wails into the microphone like a madman. It's exactly what you'd want from a punk song: noisy, high-spirited, and rebellious.

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