Britney Spears Just Dropped Another Single and It's Not Very Good
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Britney Spears is nearing two decades in the music business -- and clearly she shows no signs of stopping. She's gearing up for album number nine (yes, NINE), Glory, which is coming out August 26, and so today she released a third song from it called "Clumsy."

    Like the title, the music is just that -- clumsy, all over the place, and downright confusing. Spears' goal here is unclear. The vocals are over-processed and cheesy, right before the generic, one note instrumental drop, Spears calls out "Oops!" and it's so awkward that we actually feel ourselves curling up in a ball and cringing. But let's be honest, what were we expecting? With her last few singles, like the terrible, "Perfume," surprisingly written by Sia, we saw this one coming. She's a thirty-four year old mother who sings about being insecure and having one night stands. She can at least be the woman we all know she has the potential to be -- independent and happy with yourself! We love Spears, she will forever be a pop icon with a discography chock full of hits and well-deserved recognition, but she needs to grow up. At least grow up musically and get over this immature garbage. It makes us wonder -- How does one of the biggest pop singers on the planet, with the largest team of writers, put out a song with little to absolutely no substance?

    Britney, we love you and we respect you for continuing to make music, but fire your writers.

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