Hip Hop x Indie: Kendrick Lamar x Jim James x The National x Drake
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Last week brought the news that Outkast legend Big Boi was releasing a collaborative album with indie electro-pop darlings Phantogram, and, needless to say, hip-hop fans and stoner-pop fans got very excited. Many of the best tracks off of Big Boi's 2012 record Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumours featured Phantogram, and Phantogram's production style fits almost too well with the same man who released "Shutterbugg" about five years back. And it got us thinking, what other hip-hop artists would we love to see release full albums with our favorite indie stars. And thankfully, we here at Baeble leave no stray thought unexplored.

    We're including two songs by the artists (except for one case where they've already worked together and make my life infinitely easier) to show why they're a great sonic fit for an entire album experiment. You can find a Spotify playlist below.

    Kendrick Lamar x Jim James

    I'm starting with this just so you know we're willing to get a little weird right out of the gates. Kendrick Lamar's magnum opus, To Pimp A Butterfly, is one of the jazziest hip-hop records since The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest, and Jim James' last solo record, Regions of Light And Sound of God, showed the My Morning Jacket frontman embracing his inner jazzman. I think it's time we put these two together -- and maybe have FlyLo show up for good measure.

    Azealia Banks x Bully

    Two women that aren't at all afraid to talk about their sexuality in frank and open ways and each with enough hostility and aggression to get out of their systems to fuel an entire career, let alone a collab record. This would be one hype album if it ever happened.

    A$AP Rocky x Father John Misty

    Father John Misty and A$AP Rocky are the great hedonists of their respective genres. Of course, they should make a record together.

    Nas x Courtney Barnett

    When he's working at his best (and not phoning it in which he spent the better part of a decade doing), Nas is hip-hop's greatest storyteller. Courtney Barnett is becoming one of indie's great tale-spinners. Let's let these two bounce some rhymes and anecdotes off each other.

    Nicki Minaj x Lana Del Rey

    Two women that men always want to put in a box that they deserve better than? Yeah, I bet these two could create something beautiful together.

    Run the Jewels x Japandroids

    Two duos whose sound hits like a machine gun to the chest. I just want to hear Killer Mike spitting rhymes over some Brian King guitar licks STAT.

    Drake x The National

    Ahhh, yes. Hip-hop's great sad boy and indie rock's great sad boy. Drake & Matt Berninger might depress the hell out of us but they'll definitely entertain us in the process.

    Action Bronson x Tame Imapala

    "Easy Rider" is a song born from the same vein of psychedelic music as anything from Lonerism. Come on, Kevin Parker; make this happen.

    Chance the Rapper x Arcade Fire

    After Kendrick Lamar blew up into the mainstream and is now on the verge of dethroning Kanye West as the king of hip-hop, Chance the Rapper has become the undeniable king of the underground hip-hop scene, and this kid still hasn't dropped his own debut LP yet. And I can just imagine him laying down bars over some exuberant Arcade Fire instrumental swell.

    Kanye West x Bon Iver

    I feel like I'm cheating here. These two have already worked together, and "Lost in the World" wound up as the best song on the best or second best album of the 2010s, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so you can imagine what would happen if they made a whole record together? That shit would be incredible.

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