Twin Atlantic Premiere Live Studio Cruncher
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Scottish heavy rockers Twin Atlantic recently piled into a lens-flared studio in their hometown of Glasgow to lay down a live version of their latest cruncher, "Heart and Soul". It's a song that's all grease and muscle cars (they have those in Scotland, right?) but ultimately soars to a melodic, sing-a-long chorus, demanding "open up your heart and your soul". By intensity alone, it'll make you feel things...especially when the dial's cranked all the way to the right. So take a bit of advice from these very bright Scotsmen. Open up your heart, your soul, and hell, even your pocketbook for these intense peddlers of dramatic volume. Have a look at this studio premiere of the song on Baeble and then make a note to pick up their sophomore album The Great Divide when it's released via Red Bull Records on August 18th.

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