The Lumineers Release 'Visions Of China' For The Walking Dead
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    What's better than sitting on your couch shoving handful after handful of delectable treats into your mouth while watching a hideous blood-thirsty zombie rip the limbs off of your favorite character's helpless body? Nothing. Obvs.

    Or at least that's what we thought as we prepared for AMC's release of the fourth season of The Walking Dead on DVD. Fortunately for us, the creators realized that the one thing those especially gory scenes were missing is a brooding and hauntingly refreshing tune by The Lumineers.

    The acclaimed indie foot-stompers, have released a new tune entitled "Visions of China" as a peaceful accompaniment to those horrifically graphic scenes. Sure, you might not dig the fact that the band isn't singing about a big parade or peppering in ooh's-and-ahh's with every catchy verse, but you can be certain that this tune is the first hint at what The Lumineers' new album might sound like.

    Specifically, the tune has me singin' well oh my my, oh hey hey, because I can finally watch the Governor's brutal knife stabbing scene to some quality tuneage!

    Check out the tune, which will be distributed on a bonus disc dubbed Songs of Survival, Vol 2 when you pre-order the DVD, below:

    Now mute the Governor's final moments and play both clips together... ahh:

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