23 Best Hood Internet Mashups
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014

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    When it comes to mixing together a wild variety of ingredients to concoct something entirely unique, Dr Pepper's '23 Flavors' is a model method that could be followed across all creative ventures. Though the general association with such chemistry would most closely relate to creators in the culinary world — like the experimental foodies who combine sweet and savory — there are many other innovative craftsmen who are paving ways through their own forms of recipe Renaissance.

    Whether it's combining classic styles with new technology or purely creating revolutionary noise, in the music world there is an endless list of up-and-coming visionaries. But few could compare to the Dr Pepper design quite like The Hood Internet, the Chicago duo of ABX and STV SLV who specialize in mashup artistry. By expertly piecing together recognizable sounds of contrasted genres, The Hood Internet's mashups unleash a one-of-a-kind musical taste that tickles the earbuds. To celebrate their avant-garde style as well as their recent EP Out of The Ordinary, which was recorded at the Dr Pepper Studio, we sorted through the artists' extensive catalogue to find their 23 best mashups.

    Grown Up Has No Trigger (Danny Brown x Dirty Projectors)

    The Dirty Projectors and Danny Brown are kindred spirits when it comes to creating groundbreaking and unique sounds. However, they are each doing so in their own respective genres. This mashup shows us that the line dividing hip-hop and experimental indie is thinner than ever.

    Mottovision (Drake x Kavinsky)

    French house artist and Drive soundtrack contributor Kavinsky has a name that's far less recognizable than mashup counterpart, Drake, but that doesn't mean his '80s-styled industrialized sound doesn't rest comfortably with the rhythm of today's biggest superstar.

    Get Off The Zeppelin (Action Bronson x Tame Impala)

    Tame Impala made their names known with their nostalgic flashes of psych-rock brilliance. Action Bronson came to fame as the unpredictable rapping chef from queens. Only The Hood Internet could find a harmonious way of combining the two.

    Body of Choice (Black Sheep x Parquet Courts)

    Listening to the brain-gripping riffs of Parquet Courts, one would never draw comparison to '90s hip-hop. But we don't all have the encyclopedic trained ears of The Hood Internet.

    Honest Season (Future x Future Islands)

    Two acts who took the 2014 music scene by storm were Future and Future Islands. If you thought Samuel T. Herring's growls were a beautiful contrast to Future Islands' ethereal rhythm, you'll surely enjoy hearing Future's wobbly Auto-Tuned vocals substituted in.

    Digital Humpty (Digital Underground x St. Vincent)

    Perhaps the oddest couple on this list is St. Vincent's Annie Clark and Digital Underground's Groucho-specked Humpty Hump. But seeing how Clark has willingly explored the world of weird on her latest album, we wouldn't be floored to hear she's a proud proponent of '80s alternative hip-hop.

    Ignition (1901 Remix) (R. Kelly x Phoenix)

    This brilliant collaboration actually found its way onto the stage when Phoenix was joined onstage by R. Kelly at Coachella in 2013.

    Boss Tide (Meek Mill x Beirut)

    Purists who are used to hearing Zach Condon's intoxicating voice above Beirut's gypsy strings might cringe a little at the thought of such a collaboration, but the clappy pulse and boisterous howls contrast the song's pretty flow like peanut butter and jelly.

    Gun Galaxy (CHVRCHES x Alex Metric & Oliver)

    Some might argue that Scottish synth-pop trio CHVRCHES' music is a bit too gloomy. The Hood Internet knew exactly how to brighten Lauren Mayberry's mood with some flashy keys.

    Adornocene (Bon Iver x Miguel)

    Two of today's most highly lauded vocalists, Miguel and Justin Vernon, know how to set a passionate scene. The Hood Internet combined the two and out flowed some seriously sexy sadness.

    Go Hahahaha (Das Racist x Cults)

    Two sets of New Yorkers with two entirely different musical styles.

    Only Cannonball In The World (Rihanna x TV On The Radio)

    Some might argue that Rihanna's croon could sound delectable over any styled beat, but the technical percussion of TV On The Radio adds a mind-bending twist that will make you feel like she's truly the only girl in the world.

    Default Lane (Nicki Minaj x Atoms For Peace)

    Thom Yorke and Nicki Minaj sound great together. Google it. We're willing to bet that's never been written before.

    Polish City (Tyga x Neon Indian)

    Neon Indian's twinkly smooth cruise and Tyga's chart-topping "Rack City" anthem go together like Felix and Oscar.

    When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston x Chromeo)

    It's hard to deny that Chromeo is channeling some serious nostalgic vibes in their head-bobbing disco-funk. The pairing of their infectious flow with Whitney's 1985 classic proves the Canadian duo could comfortably take a Delorean cruise back in time.

    Reflekt You Tonight (INXS x Arcade Fire)

    Add Arcade Fire's ominously popping bongos and saxophone hooks to Michael Hutchence's provocative whisper, and you have a mashup that's sure to seal the deal.

    Move Up (Wiz Khalifa x Phantogram)

    This is perhaps the most idealistic mashup on this entire list. With the sample of Sarah Barthel's moving coo off Phantogram's "Don't Move" Wiz Khalifa's smooth pace is given new life.

    Dance With Henrietta (Big Sean x Yeasayer)

    Yeasayer aren't afraid to get weird with their experimental synth; this was highlighted on their 2012 full-length Fragrant World. Although it's sad to hear the original eerie lyrics shed, The Hood Internet's off-the-wall replacement of Big Sean and Nicki Minaj is surprisingly stimulating.

    Freak Exhibit (Jay Electronica x Toro y Moi)

    Toro y Moi has a nonchalant voice that cuts like a warm knife through butter. So when it's sampled above the brutish rhyming of Jay Electronica, we get to witness David and Goliath living in perfect harmony.

    How Deep Is Your Thong? (Sisqo x The Rapture x A-Trak)

    We get it, Sisqo's 2000 party anthem "Thong Song" is absolutely untouchable; it lives among the gods of ageless tacky classics. Perhaps this is why The Hood Internet chose to transport it to an entirely different musical realm with samples of The Rapture's own club chant "Let Me Hear That Song", and an sweetly iced topping of A-Trak's house pulse.

    GANGS&M (tUnE-yArDs x Rihanna)

    Rihanna appears twice on this list. But can you really blame us? This time, RiRi's voice takes a backseat for tUnE-yArDs' Merrill Garbus' rambunctious rasp to drive.

    Killdear (P.O.S. x La Roux)

    P.O.S., one of today's greatest unheralded hip-hop artists, is known for mixing it up with some interesting collaborations. Bon Iver's Justin Vernon was featured on his latest LP We Don't Even Live Here. In this mashup, however, The Hood Internet borrowed P.O.S.'s vocal cover of Paul and Linda McCartney's "Dear Boy" and melded it with the sci-fi flow of La Roux's "In For The Kill".

    Dr Pepper Studio - The Hood Internet - Out of The Ordinary

    Last, but certainly not least, is The Hood Internet's production collaboration with Dr Pepper's One of A Kind Studio Sessions where STV SLV and ABX partnered with Rockie Fresh, Tinashe, Robert DeLong, and RAC to create Out of The Ordinary, a four-track EP. For more on the Dr Pepper One of A Kind Studio Sessions, check here.

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