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    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2009

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    Kids these days. Cutting school, spending too much time on the internet, sharing record labels with such impressive acts as Simian Mobile Disco and Conor Oberstwait, what? That's right, the latest act to sign to Wichita Records is composed of two Swedish sisters, Johanna and Klara Sderberg, both born in the early 1990s. First Aid Kit, as the duo is calling themselves, has none of the tween precociousness of Tiny Masters of Today, but it's also not the cure for old soul songs and tired topics. In fact, Drunken Trees, their debut EP is full of tracks that sound much older than they have any right to be, touching on subjects of cheating husbands, marriage spats, and middle aged ennui. Although this can sometimes feel equal parts eerie and nave, there's something enchanting about the duo's confident voices, bittersweet songs, and videos set in suburban Swedish forests.

    Obviously talented, the girls have generated publicity with a YouTube cover of the Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" and proved themselves through self-written tracks like "Tangerine," which recalls a folksier CocoRosie. On their website, they take requests for covers and release well-produced video recordings of songs such as "Universal Soldier" and "Walk the Line." Basically, everything about First Aid Kit sounds like a gimmick, but only the most heartless of cynics can write them off as such. Instead you find yourself charmed by the late afternoon light falling on the tiny white piano in the autumnal woods, by the patterned sweaters and the snuck smiles, by the pretty melodies and the earnest singing. Check out the video for "Our Own Pretty Ways," and keep your eyes on these gifted sisters. One day they might fall into a groove and make it big, but for now they're still a hidden gem, a bit of magic just waiting to be discovered. - Nina Mashurova

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    Video for "Our Own Pretty Ways" by First Aid Kit
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