knitting factory to open in williamsburg
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2009

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    When the historic Knitting Factory reopens, there is only one possible neighborhood for the venue renowned for its cutting edge artists and hip appeal and yes, it is Williamsburg. Located at 361 Metropolitan Ave., the newly redesigned venue is set to open in the fall and kicking everything off with a show with indie rock classic, Brooklyn based (naturally) Les Savy Fav on September 9th. Already lined up with a slew of musicians ranging from Rasputina, Titus Andronicus, The Raincoats and events like Williamsburg Fashion Week, it won't be long before the new location gains the reputation of its past.

    Also renovated: the insides of the venue, which features restored vintage 1930's bar (and of course, the accompanying happy hour and drinks for all the time even when shows aren't going on), timber floor from a mill, and salvaged windows from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Hardly stuck in the past, however, The Knitting factory is fully equipped with a 400 square foot stage with all the high tech specifications necessary for a brilliant show. Settling at home in Williamsburg can only mean that the venue will earn its way to the hearts of every new generation of hipsters from now on. And we are looking forward to it. -Laura Yan

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